MPs hit back at London’s “digital divide”

A committee of MPs has slammed London’s broadband infrastructure, calling it a “major problem”.


A committee of MPs has slammed London’s broadband infrastructure, calling it a “major problem”.

The Culture Select Committee claimed that many homes and businesses in the capital had little to no access to superfast broadband.

The claims were part of a report which argued for the splitting of Openreach from its owner BT unless it invests more into broadband expansion.

The committee also warned of a “growing digital divide” that is taking place in London, where some get decent access and others do not.

The London Underground was cited as one of London’s major “not-spots”, with the committee adding that it was the only one of the top 10 metro systems in the world that did not have a consistent broadband infrastructure.

MP Ian Lucas, of Labour, said that the current services reminded him of when homes used to have to wait weeks to get phone lines installed.

“The system to date has worked very, very well for BT and Openreach, but less well for customers, in particular business customers on small industrial parks who have a desperate need for super-fast broadband.”

The criticism of BT over London’s broadband is one of the many coming from sources such as rival providers Virgin Media and Sky, both of which claim that Openreach should be separated.

Leaders in business have backed up the claims that lack of superfast broadband is not letting businesses flourish, with the capital coming just 26th in the league table of European cities for broadband speed.

Source: Evening Standard

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