New broadband network for Norfolk's rural areas

Homes and buisnesses which aren't set to benefit from the Better Broadband for Norfolk campaign will now recieve a faster service.

South Norfolk Council has teamed up with Norwich-based ISP InTouch Systems to bring better broadband to those parts of the region which aren't set to benefit from the Better Broadband for Norfolk (BBfN) project.

They plan to construct and deploy a brand-new network which is capable of supporting broadband speeds of 10Mbps or above to Norfolk's more isolated rural homes and businesses.

These properties have so far missed out on receiving a faster, much-improved broadband service due to their lower populations and the fact so many of them are situated a considerable distance away from a telephone exchange. 

It’s a lot more expensive to upgrade these kinds of rural broadband infrastructures due to the amount of extra cabling required and because there's less people clamouring for the service, their usually passed over in favour of busier areas.

Launched in 2012 as a joint venture between Norfolk County Council, BT and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, BBfN aims to provide superfast broadband to as many of the county's homes and businesses as possible.

Their currently on track to reaching 90% coverage by the end of 2017 and plan to reach an impressive 95% by March 2020.

“A decent broadband service is essential in nearly every aspect of our modern lives – shopping, homework, video streaming, social networks and so much more," said Michael Edney, Deputy Leader of South Norfolk Council.

"The current broadband speeds have left some residents and businesses feeling excluded and frustrated making it vitally important that we did something to help – and we have.”

Source: ISPreview

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