New BT Smart Hub now available

The new Smart Hub from BT is now available, shortly after it was announced last month.


The new Smart Hub from BT is now available, shortly after it was announced last month. 

The new wireless router from BT boasts “the UK’s most powerful Wi-Fi signal”, with the provider rolling out the new device from today. 

This is said to be a significant upgrade from BT’s last-generation Home Hub 4, which will be discontinued for fibre customers. 

The Smart Hub has been designed to connect to wireless devices up to 500 metres away, as well as through multiple walls. 

BT has claimed that the Smart Hub will give a better connection in more rooms of the house than any router from other major UK broadband providers, with Advanced INterference Filter technology meaning it won’t be disrupted by other devices such as microwaves and baby monitors.

The Smart Hub is now available to all new BT Fibre customers as standard, with new ADSL customers able to buy the device for an extra £50. 

Existing customers are also eligible for the Smart Hub when they upgrade to a fibre package. The Hub is also available to buy standalone for £50. 

As well as being more powerful, BT has ensured that the new Hub is easier to use than previous models. 

Older routers from the provider came under criticism due to the complex way they notified the user about the connection going down. 

With the Smart Hub, a single light is used to explain and diagnose broadband outages. 

 The BT Smart Hub is available now with all BT Fibre packages. 

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