New London mayor should target 1GB broadband, says FISP

Whoever becomes London mayor should consider going after 1GB broadband, FISP has claimed.


Whoever becomes London mayor should consider going after 1GB broadband, FISP has claimed.

The Foundation for Information Society Policy has called on the candidates for the London mayor role to deal with the capital’s broadband concerns. 

The foundation claims that London should become a largely gigabit city after surveys showed that residents of the city are not happy with the average standard of broadband. 

One in six customers in London have said that they are unhappy with their broadband according to a recent YouGov poll, which equates to over 1 million broadband customers. 

FISP claims that the solution is bringing 1Gb broadband to London, as the service has already reached around 20 locations in the UK.

FISP member David Brunnen said that London’s current broadband had a limited structure going forward. 

"Demand for broadband capacity in London is growing rapidly, but the capital's broadband, based largely on old networks of copper wires, has a limited future.”

"This dangerous situation will diminish economic and societal growth in the future, unless London's incoming mayor is able and willing to take drastic action.”

Important people who are based in the capital have also added their voices in approval for gigabit broadband, including the Federation of Small Businesses and Westminster Council.

Plenty of UK cities also have compatibility with gigabit broadband which have been used in the argument, including York, Bristol and Coventry. 

Source: Broadband Choices

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