New project to boost broadband speeds in Northumberland

Broadband provider Alncom have teamed up with Northumbrian Water and Northumberland County Council.

Rural broadband provider Alncom have teamed up with Northumbrian Water and Northumberland County Council in order to drastically improve broadband for three isolated communities within the region. 

Like many other rural areas throughout the UK, the quality of broadband here has historically been quite poor and very unreliable with the majority of residents not even coming close to achieving the 10Mbps speed the Government have said is their right.

This new project hopes to remedy these longstanding issues by constructing a brand-new broadband network from a mix of wireless and fibre technology.

Its been divided into four main phases which are all on track to being completed toward the middle of 2018. Phase one, which is already underway, will connect up buissneses, homes and schools in the small market towns of Fontburn and Nunnykirk.

Phase two will involve the Forestburn Gate area while phases three and four will focus in on properties in the villages of Rothley, Longwitton and Harwood.

While Northumberland Water funded the first phase of the project, the rest will be covered solely by Alncom who’ll use the residents's new superfast subscription costs to make back their money. 

“This new Alncom service makes a huge difference to our rural community,” said Louise Kirkwood, Fontburn resident and Nunnykirk Parish Councillor. “Having access to reliable and affordable superfast broadband is essential to everyone nowadays. Sincere thanks to all involved for working so hard to get this innovative project up and running.”

Source: Northumberland Gazette

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