New satellite program aims for 100Mbps broadband

A new satellite broadband  development aims to deliver the fastest satellite broadband ever.


A new satellite broadband  development aims to deliver the fastest satellite broadband ever.

Satellite companies Eutelsat and ViaSat have combined forces in order to work on a brand new venture that hopes to change the landscape of satellite broadband. 

This ‘ViaSat 3’ platform will work with ‘ultra high capacity’ broadband and improve on the current average speed.

The ViaSat 3 works by using 3 satellites to beam down a stronger signal to homes and businesses on the ground. 

In theory, the ViaSat 3 system could deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps for satellite broadband customers. 

Figures such as these are far beyond what satellite broadband is currently capable of, with many packages delivering small speeds at at a premium price. 

Residents of rural areas often have only satellite broadband available to them, as conventional ADSL or fibre connections do not reach to the area. 

ViaSat has claimed that its broadband network will be more affordable than other satellite broadband systems as well as being faster.

However, the firm has also said that it is unlikely to be ready until around 2020, so hopeful customers will have to wait a long time. 

Chairman of ViaSat, Mark Dankberg, claimed that the company was working on the next generation of broadband. 

“The joint venture combines an unprecedented collection of expertise in satellite operations and technology, broadband networks, and wholesale and retail distribution throughout Europe that forms the foundation for next-generation internet services. We're excited to be working with Eutelsat to bring a proven model to the European and Mediterranean markets."

Source: Tech Radar 

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