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Newcastle becomes latest gigabit city

Feb 16th 2017, 10:46 by

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Newcastle is the latest major metropolitan area to become a gigabit city after Hyperoptic’s ultra-fast fibre optic broadband was made available throughout several different apartment buildings in the city centre.

Residents of Hanover Mill, 55 Degrees North, Merchants Quay, Marconi House, Ouseburn Wharf and 38 Lower Friar Street are now able to access internet speeds of 1000Mbps, which is 128 times faster than what you’d get from a traditional ADSL service.

Such massively high-speeds can be achieved because Hyperoptic install the fibre cables straight into a building as opposed to running them all the way from the green fibre cabinet at the end of the street like many other providers do.

This latter method is known as fibre to the cabinet (or FTTC) and generally works very well for those situated close to the cabinet. Those further away however tend to experience a poorer service.

“We are thrilled to announce that Newcastle is now live with our ultrafast gigabit broadband,” said Hyperoptic’s National Team Manager Tim Huxtable. “We have been investing heavily in infrastructure so that consumers and businesses in Newcastle can now have access to the fastest and most reliable connectivity on the market today.

Based in West London, Hyperoptic was founded in 2011 and is currently available to homes and businesses in a total of 20 cities and towns across the UK.

They aim to extend their ultra-fast broadband service to over half a million homes by the end of 2019 and have already pledged their commitment to extending their network across Newcastle.

Source: Chronicle Live

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