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No fibre broadband for many small UK businesses

Jan 6th 2017, 12:27 by

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Many of Britain’s small businesses are being forced to rely on non-fibre broadband, according to a new report by regulatory board Ofcom.

As part of the report, a study of over 1,500 small businesses was conducted which found that 67% of them use a non-fibre fixed ADSL connection.

Having to use this type of broadband means that these small businesses will often experience issues with the speed and reliability of their internet (for example, having it cut out or unexpectedly go down for a significant period of time) both of which can have a serious impact on the quality and volume of their output.

As a result, some are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile data as an internet substitute which brings with it its own issues, like limited coverage and a high expense.

"If small businesses are to compete in the new digital economy, they need to be able to get online and have proper access to the mobile services they need," said Federation of Small Businesses national chairman Mike Cherry.

34% of those surveyed in Ofcom’s study felt as though they had not been adequately informed on how communications services could help their businesses longevity, whilst one in seven people believe that their firm’s progress had been stalled by a lack of suitable products and services.

As part of last year’s Universal Service Obligation (USO) the UK government stated that they were committed to bringing fast, reliable broadband to every small business across the country.

Source: City AM

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