North Yorkshire’s coverage target will be missed, council says

Rural broadband in North Yorkshire will not reach its estimated target, council members have claimed.


Rural broadband in North Yorkshire will not reach its estimated target, council members have claimed. 

Councils in the area had previously been promised a coverage rate of 100%, but now claim that they will not be able to reach that target. 

North Yorkshire County Council said that 95% by 2019 was a more realised target. 

Fibre broadband which reaches a minimum speed of up to 25Mbps is due to reach 91% of premises in the region, but council leaders have said that they want this target to be higher in the coming years.

£21 million of funding has already been agreed to take the network to 2019, with more funding hoped to be raised by the community. 

Council leader Carl Les said that North Yorkshire was a hard area to tackle when it comes to broadband.

“Trying to deliver any service across 3,000 sq miles is always going to be a challenge."

“We thought [100% coverage] was a realistic expectation but with the benefit of experience we're now realising that it's perhaps that little bit more difficult than we thought at first."

A community scheme in the area has also raised around £250,000 to bring fibre broadband to more homes. 

Recently, around 100 homes had cables installed which will allow for up to 1000Mbps, but this relied on land access being granted and is not something the whole of the area could realistically see. 

Source: BBC News

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