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North Yorkshire village receives ultrafast broadband

Feb 23rd 2017, 17:12 by

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A small village in North Yorkshire is the latest to receive ultrafast broadband as part of a new trial by internet service provider (or ISP) Boundless Networks.

Residents of Bradley, which is located about an hour west of Leeds, will now be able access internet speeds of over 160Mbps, twice as fast as that offered by BT’s premium Infinity service.

Based out of both Leeds and the market town of Chorley in Lancashire, Boundless Networks have pledged to help bring ultrafast broadband to the isolated rural communities of North Yorkshire, some of whom are unable receive speeds of more than 2Mbps.

Their assurance comes after the British Government proposed that every UK citizen should have the legal right to request access to internet speeds of 10Mbps by 2020.

“Being able to go way beyond the Government’s target of 30Mbps is a huge benefit to rural communities,” said David Hood, Boundless Chairman. “"Not only can we deliver the superfast target, we can future-proof the service so that children in rural areas, like Bradley, don’t need to play catch up with their classmates. Wireless ultrafast broadband is able to deliver this and Boundless is leading the way in delivering it.”

Boundless plan to rollout their ultrafast broadband to other rural villages in North Yorkshire over the next two years.

Last December, regulatory board Ofcom revealed that a quarter of those in Britain’s rural counties (just over a million people) do not have access to what they deem to be “decent” broadband, so that which is able to reach speeds of 10Mbps or more.

Source: Craven Herald

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