Ofcom launches new review of broadband prices

The regulatory board want to ensure no customers are overpaying for broadband. 

Ofcom has launched a new review into broadband pricing practices after new research has revealed that many customers are paying a lot more than they need to. 

Figures gathered by the regulatory board show that 94% of the UK is able to receive superfast broadband, but less than half have actually taken it up

In fact, about four million households with basic broadband have let that initial contract expire and could switch to a superfast service for exactly the same, or even less money, than they currently pay. 

Customers who purchase a discounted landline and broadband package were also found to be paying an average of 19% more once that deal has expired. 

"We're concerned that many loyal broadband customers aren't getting the best deal they could,” said Ofcom’s Chief Executive Sharon White.

"So we're reviewing broadband pricing practices and ensuring customers get clear, accurate information from their provider about the best deals they offer."

This review will see Ofcom examine why some customers are paying more than others and if those who’re classed as vulnerable need extra assistance to ensure they get the very best broadband deal. 

The UK’s Broadband providers will be urged to make customers aware of the cheapest broadband packages available, both when their original contract is about to come to end and every year following that if they don’t switch. 

A website entitled Boost Your Broadband which displays all of the deals currently available in your area along with advice on how to find the best deal was also previously launched. 

Source: Sky 

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