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Ofcom plans to improve UK wi-fi speeds

May 16th 2016, 08:21 by

Ofcom has announced plans to improve wi-fi speeds in the UK.

The telecoms watchdog said that wireless routers needed to be improved for the amount of data that the average UK household uses. 

Its new proposals would open up more airwaves in standard wi-fi routers, thereby allowing for greater speeds when streaming and downloading.

Many UK broadband users have upgraded their routers to offer a 5GHz frequency, but the standard of routers still use the slower 2.4GHz band.

Ofcom has suggested that 5GHz wi-fi routers should be the standard as well as given an extra band to become even more reliable.

Group director at Ofcom, Philip Marnick, said that the firm wanted to further ensure that broadband customers were getting advertised speeds.

“People are placing greater demands on their broadband, so we need to ensure they aren’t let down by their wireless connection.”

“We also want to close the gap between advertised speeds and the wireless performance that people and businesses actually receive. So we’re exploring ways to open up more airwaves for wi-fi.”

Ofcom has claimed that around 6 million homes in the UK were not getting the correct amount of broadband speed due to wireless issues.

Last year, the company released the Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker app, which allows users to check their wireless signal via their smartphone or tablet. 

If the app finds a problem with the user’s wireless signal, it will provide troubleshooting tips on how to fix the issue.

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