Ofcom proposes BT and KCOM for UK's USO

From 2020, the two providers could be tasked with delivering a 10Mb connection to those who request it.

Ofcom has proposed that BT and KCOM should serve as the designated providers for the UK’s Universal Service Obligation (USO). 

The regulatory board were tasked with delivering the USO by the UK government who initially proposed it at the beginning of the year. 

It will enable anyone in the UK to legally ask for a connection of 10Mb from 2020, an amount which has the potential to increase in the future. 

This connection must be delivered within 12 months of the request being submitted and be installed for under £3,400 per property. 

Out of the eight interested parties who applied for the role, only BT, KCOM and London-based gigabit provider Hyperoptic met Ofcom’s financial, technical and coverage criteria. 

The latter has since withdrawn from the race leaving Ofcom to suggest that BT take full responsibility for the country’s USO everywhere apart from Hull where the city’s main independent provider KCOM will assume control. 

Commercial and government-funded rollout schemes mean that superfast fibre broadband is currently available to around 95% of the UK’s population but it’s the government’s concern that some are being left behind. 

Other providers are still eligible to apply for the position of designated USO provider before consultation closes in February 2019. 

Source: Tech Radar

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