“Only 24 people” join satellite broadband scheme

Only 24 people have joined the government’s satellite broadband scheme, it has been reported.


Only 24 people have joined the government’s satellite broadband scheme, it has been reported.

MPs heard that just £8000 out of the £63 million fund had been used, totalling around 24 properties served. 

Shadow digital minister Chi Onwurah claimed that the scheme was an “inadequate stunt” that failed to provide rural areas with the broadband service they need. 

“In early December the minister cast himself as Santa Claus announcing, and I quote, a Christmas present for UK homes and businesses, £60m to provide satellite provision for those failed by his superslow broadband crawl-out.”

“As of Monday a grand total of £8,000 had been spent with only 24 people benefitting from his supposed gift.”

The scheme was originally set up in response to criticism of the government’s broadband rollout, which would not be covering some rural areas of the UK.

The fund allows for up to 300,000 homes and businesses to receive adequate broadband without the need for difficult to lay cables.

People who adopt the scheme will have financial help with the expensive installation process with up to £350 being available. 

The move was in response to the Prime Minister’s assertion that everyone in the country should legally have access to at least 10Mbps.

Many rural areas currently only have access to slow speeds of 2Mbps, with the satellite broadband scheme aiming to rectify this. 

However, it is thought that the slow uptake suggests a lack of enthusiasm for satellite broadband, with the faster, simpler and more popular fibre-optic method generally preferred. 

Source: Cable

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