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Open Day in Second Life university

Mar 27th 2008, 00:00

Students using their broadband connection to help decide their future could be interested in an open day being held on Second Life by Liverpool Hope University, reports the BBC.

Media students have developed a virtual campus, offering potential students the chance to interact with those currently studying at the real place.

John McCarthy, the university's marketing director, explained: "The aim of the virtual campus is to engage in a dialogue with students in a forum that they will not only enjoy, but will also provide them with opportunities for creativity."

Some buildings, such as the Sheppard-Warlock library have been reproduced, while others are the result of the students imagination.

The virtual environment of Second Life, which has 20 million residents, has already been used by other organisations to promote real life places and events with online technology.

Earlier in the year, Tourism Ireland held a virtual St Patrick's Day parade, including themed floats which could be enjoyed by broadband users, according to the BBC.

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