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Openreach request funding for new broadband network

Nov 3rd 2017, 16:25 by

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BT’s Openreach have stated they’d like to build a large fibre optic broadband network capable of reaching 10 million UK homes, but only if other broadband companies and the government agree to help out.

This decision comes after Openreach held a number of serious consultations with various major broadband providers and key industry figures on how to improve the UK's broadband speeds.

There, it was agreed that such a project would greatly assist with safeguarding the UK’s position as a leading digital economy.

Openreach have estimated that an undertaking of this magnitude would most likely be completed around the middle of the 2020s and cost somewhere between £3 to £6 billion, an amount they need to be sure they can get back.

Clive Selley, chief executive at Openreach, said for this proposed construction to go-ahead they’d need “a regulatory environment that encourages investment, and we need to agree how the costs of such a huge engineering project can be recovered fairly from all those that stand to benefit.”

“Of course, that’s going to be tough, but we need to get into the detail of that now with our customers, with Ofcom and with Government.”

This is the latest solution proposed to help combat the problem of poor broadband which, over the last few years, has grown to be a hugely pressing issue in the UK. 

Back in July, 57 MPs from all different political parties signed a report which demanded that they government take urgent action and begin to investigate just how they could drastically improve the quality of the country's broadband. 

Source: Independent 

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