Plusnet launches new self-install fibre router

Plusnet has announced that it is launching self-installation for fibre customers in the form of a brand new router.


Plusnet has announced that it is launching self-installation for fibre customers in the form of a brand new router. 

The Plusnet Hub One will allow Plusnet fibre customers to install their own broadband, eliminating the need for an engineer. 

Both customers who are switching over from Plusnet ADSL and brand new customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of the new router, when it goes live on December 17th. 

When it launches, users will be able to connect themselves to fibre on the day they receive the router, rather than having to wait for an installation date. 

Despite the increased functionality, the new router retains the size of a standard Plusnet router whilst being a lot more powerful. 

The Plusnet Hub One also features dual-band technology, designed to gives a stronger and more reliable wireless connection as well as eliminating interference from other wireless devices.

Working on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, users will be able to experience the fastest broadband possible, whatever their situation or subscription entails. 

The router’s interface also includes a help feature which will warn users of connection issues. 

The launch of the new router is part of Plusnet’s efforts to give more power to their customers when purchasing broadband.

Alongside the router, the provider has updated its website to show customers a speed range for fibre broadband in their area, allowing for a more accurate representation of what they can expect when they purchase. 

When the new router goes live next month, users will be able to enjoy improved broadband in their homes, making activities such as streaming HD video and downloading files easier and faster.

Plusnet has warned that some devices may need to be 5GHz to fully enjoy the benefit, but that the majority of wireless appliances such as tablets and smartphones would see a speed improvement.

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