Plusnet launches Plusnet Mobile with pre-register offer

Plusnet is planning to launch its new mobile service, Plusnet Mobile.


Plusnet is planning to launch its new mobile service, Plusnet Mobile.

Plusnet Mobile is a SIM-only service, allowing customers to take minutes, texts and data for a monthly fee. 

Launching on the 29th of November, Plusnet Mobile will offer a variety of mobile packages, with prices ranging from £5 to £15 per month.

Customers can get 4GB of mobile data along with unlimited texts and minutes for £15 per month.

Also available are the 500Mb, 1GB and 2GB data plans, which offer cheaper options than the 4GB package.

Those who pre-register for Plusnet Mobile will be able to enjoy an exclusive offer, allowing you to take the 4GB data package for £10, saving you £5 per month. 

Plusnet Mobile works on a rolling 30 day contract, meaning you won’t be tied down to a lengthy plan and can cancel at any time. 

Plusnet Mobile’s SIMs are also one size fits all, so they’ll fit any type of phone you have. 

Running on the EE network, Plusnet Mobile’s 4G connection is widely available and reliable, with UK customer service on hand to deal with any queries. 

Plusnet Mobile will be available alongside its broadband packages or as a standalone service. 

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