Properties in Swansea take part in gigabit broadband trial

Home and businesses in Swansea are set to benefit from a new trial which will test broadband speeds in the area. 


Home and businesses in Swansea are set to benefit from a new trial which will test broadband speeds in the area. 

Roughly 100 properties are expected to take part in the trial, which will boost their internet speeds to over 10 times the national average. 

The trial will mostly cover the SA1 Waterfront area of Swansea, which mostly comprises of apartment blocks and call centres.

Structures such as these have proven to be difficult for broadband providers to connect in the past, with the test attempting to rectify these issues. technology means that fibre does not have to be run to the premesis in order to deliver high speeds, meaning that properties such as apartment buildings have more of a chance of getting faster broadband. 

Openreach, the firm that owns the technology, claims that, by 2020, millions of homes will have broadband speeds that reach hundreds of Mbps, with 500Mbps one day being reached. 

Provided the trial is a success, will launch at some point next year alongside standard fibre to the premeses and fibre to the cabinet services. 

Sir Terry Matthews, chairman of the Swansea Bay City Region Board, claimed that with faster broadband, citizens in the area will be able to benefit financially and socially. 

“Events have moved at an astonishing speed since the technical trial was announced at the Swansea Bay City Region Innovation Summit in May.”

“I am personally delighted at the number and range of business and residential consumers who will be able to experience the benefits of this technology. It will lay the foundations for the exploration of a fantastic range of next-generation services and applications.” is currently being tested in other parts of the UK as well as Swansea, with an initial rollout hoping to be achieved within the next year. 

Source: USwitch

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