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Restrictions could be placed on broadband adverts

May 4th 2017, 15:45 by

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The CAP (or Committee of Advertising Practice) have issued four proposals to Britain’s biggest ISPs which could force them to change the way they advertise the speed of their broadband.

They come after extensive research commissioned by the ASA (or Advertising Standard Agency) revealed that current broadband advertisements only serve to confuse and mislead customers as it means they expect a much faster level of broadband than they’re actually able to get.

Providers have 10 working weeks to respond to CAP proposals and put forward a convincing argument as to why they shouldn’t be implemented.

If the proposals were to move forward, Britain’s ISPs would be forced to display clear information about both their average download speeds during peak time and their average download speeds alongside the download speeds that are available to 20% to 80% of their users.

ISPs would also be required to place a line within all of their advertisements that make a claim about broadband speed telling consumers to check with them on which broadband speed they’d actually be able to receive.

"CAP recognises that advertising can play an early and important part in the journey to choosing a broadband provider,” said Shahriar Coupal Director of CAP. “We’re determined to ensure the information it provides, including about broadband speed, is trusted and welcomed by consumers.”

The current guide on broadband advertising was first introduced back in 2012 and states that ISPs are able to legally advertise a broadband speed as long as it’s obtainable by 10% of their customer base.

Source: Silicon

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