Rural broadband customers should get compensation, says CLA

Broadband customers in rural areas should be given compensation for slow speeds, the CLA has claimed. 


Broadband customers in rural areas should be given compensation for slow speeds, the CLA has claimed. 

The Country Life Association has said that anyone not able to receive 10Mbps of speed should be compensated by the government, as this is the speed they will be promised.

The government is getting ready to release a Universal Service Obligation, which will entitle everyone in the UK to at least 10Mbps.

The CLA’s argument is that many in rural areas still do not have this base speed, and should be compensated for it. 

The digital minister Ed Vaizey has however said that the USO might not cover areas that are too expensive to connect. 

Mr Vaizey also admitted that there could be a spending cap on connections in certain areas. 

The CLA, which represents rural and farming communities, has always lobbied for better broadband in Britain’s countryside, insisting that residents get the same treatment as those who live in cities. 

The president of the CLA, Ross Murray said that only half of rural areas were able to get speeds of 10Mbps, compared to the 96% of those living in cities. 

“The government’s commitment to putting in place a USO of 10Mbps from 2020 was a real win for rural people, but it will only be meaningful if fast, reliable and affordable broadband is made a legal right.”

“If people are denied this legal right, they should have access to proportionate compensation.”

He added that different technologies other than fibre cables were vital in providing rural areas with broadband and that the government should look to experiment with the way it installs broadband. 

Source: Cable

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