Sheffield broadband slower than East European villages

Broadband speeds in the Yorkshire city of Sheffield have been found to be worse than some areas of Eastern Europe.


Broadband speeds in the Yorkshire city of Sheffield have been found to be worse than some areas of Eastern Europe.

Fix Britain’s Internet, a campaign to improve broadband speeds in the UK, claimed that smaller parts of Europe frequently saw better broadband speeds than Yorkshire’s second biggest city. 

Villages in Romania and Poland, it said, often got better speeds than even parts of major cities such as Manchester and London.

Sheffield’s average download speed is 18.36Mbps, making it less than half of the average speed in Fors, Sweden, which enjoys 40.6Mbps despite only having a population of 860. 

Other areas such as the town of Oudenaarde in Belgium and and the Indian village of Rani also report better average speeds than highly populated areas of the UK.

The recent meeting of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce saw broadband in the city being highly discussed, with only just over half of businesses in the area satisfied with the speed of connections. 

The Fix Britain’s Internet campaign claimed that BT needed to improve its deployment of superfast broadband to more areas in the UK, with only 2% of the country able to access ultrafast speeds. 

Superfast South Yorkshire, a £28m scheme to bring fibre connections to areas of the county, has said that it aims to bring fibre to 98% of the county by 2018, with 20,000 properties already connected. 

Natalie Ward, program manager, said that once the scheme was finished, the landscape of Yorkshire will be different. 

“This project has a huge scale, and we’re looking at what we can do to reach the remaining 2 per cent.” 

“This research does not tell the whole picture. Sheffield and South Yorkshire is currently in a transition period, but we are putting in the infrastructure and once we have done the job the landscape will be very different.”

Source: Yorkshire Post

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