Sky releases Sky Shield as standard service

Sky has revealed that its Sky Shield security service will become standard for all broadband customers.


Sky has revealed that its Sky Shield security service will become standard for all broadband customers.

Starting in 2016, the provider has said that the service will become the norm for all its broadband customers, allowing them to opt in and out at will. 

Sky has recently pushed the service hard, emailing its customers about whether they wanted the service. It was then automatically turned on if the receiver did not reply.

Sky Shield works by filtering websites based on customer preference, as well as providing age rating options that can work on a timed basis.

When customers accept Sky Shield, home internet access will automatically be filtered by the age 13 rating until 9pm. Customers can choose whether to keep this feature or disable it when it becomes active.

The services works across all devices connected to a Sky broadband line, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and games consoles. 

Sky’s research indicates that 62% of its customers will keep the service running once it is activated, making a rollout across its customer base a viable option. 

The move has been praised by a number of children’s charities, including the NSPCC.

Peter Wanless, Chief Executive of the charity, claimed that filters that you have the option to change should be a standard for all providers. 

“Frankly this is a no-brainer; default filters on home broadband put children's safety first while still giving adults the freedom to remove them.”

Director of Communications Products of Sky, Lyssa McGowan, added that automatically filtering was what the majority of its customers indicated they wanted. 

"What we have learnt is that as well as the flexibility to set the right level of protection for their [customers'] homes.”

"The simplest thing we can do to help them is to automatically turn on filtering and then allow customers to easily choose and change their settings.”

Source: USwitch

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