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Small businesses could recieve broadband vouchers

Mar 1st 2017, 10:42 by

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It’s expected that a plan to allocate up to £3000 worth of broadband vouchers to small businesses throughout the UK will be announced during the budget this month.

Although the idea was only put out to consultation shortly after Christmas 2016, ministers have already expressed confidence that the proposal will receive the go-ahead.

Tens of thousands of companies could benefit from the scheme, particularly those situated in Britain’s remote rural areas where broadband is often excruciatingly slow.

“Every party in the UK has been saying this needs to be rolled out as fast as possible. It is hugely important and absolutely vital,” said Tory MP Ian Liddell-Grainger. “The percentage of people who now work at home in rural areas is going up massively. Small businesses nowadays have to have high-speed broadband. You can’t run a business without it.”

Back in 2015, a similar broadband voucher scheme was trialled throughout the UK that ended up helping over 40,000 small businesses.

A second proposal that’s also currently up for consultation within the government is one that would see local councils continuously pile pressure onto ISPs so they’d be encouraged to give public services like schools, GP surgeries and libraries a better broadband connection.

The government have stated that every Briton should have the legal right to request access to internet speeds of 10Mbps by 2020.

But a recent report discovered that around 1.4 million homes and businesses across the UK, which equates to 5% of all properties, are still without broadband that fast.

Source: The Telegraph

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