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SSE to build new broadband infrastructure

Jun 16th 2017, 15:06 by

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Leading British energy provider SSE are working on constructing a new ultrafast broadband infrastructure.

The director of their UK broadband business David Walter stated that they’ve been working out the logistics of laying a huge number of fibre optic cables to homes and businesses all across the UK for a long while now, and are currently in the middle of creating a very detailed investment plan.

He went onto explain that it’s currently looking like SSE will either share the cost of building a new network with a retail rival (who was not actually named) or that they will plug into an existing backbone network like those which are owned by Vodafone and the UK’s largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre networks CityFibre.

The move would be welcomed by industry regulators like Ofcom who are desperately trying to encourage more competition at the infrastructure level in order to prevent BT’s Openreach arm from completely monopolizing it.

It would also really help to bring a lot more confidence to the budding relationship between broadband providers and energy providers which will need to get a lot closer in the next few years with the growing popularity of smart technology like thermometers.

A similar project is currently being undertaken by TalkTalk in York and SSE have not yet ruled out a major acquisition as a way into the market.

Source: The Telegraph

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