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Suffolk chamber calls for UK-wide speeds of 100mbps

Jan 12th, 11:19 by

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Suffolk’s Chamber of Commerce has called on the government to make broadband speeds ten times faster, stating they haven’t been ambitious enough with their superfast rollout.

The chamber’s policy director Nick Burfield believes that the government’s new Universal Service Obligation, which grants everybody in the UK the legal right to request broadband speeds of 10Mbps or more, is not enough.

Instead, he says they should be aiming to deliver speeds of 100Mbps to every household across the country.

“That is, maybe, not realistic but it is what we should be aiming for.”

“You won’t get economic benefits unless you have high speeds. The Government should be committed to that as more resources would close the gap.”

Mr Burfield also praised Suffolk Country Council and their Better Broadband for Suffolk Campaign which so far, has managed to bring superfast broadband to an impressive 85% of the county and is aiming for complete 100% coverage by the end of 2020.

His words come as the chamber issues its new manifesto, setting out exactly what it will be campaigning for over the next three years.

Some of these goals including reducing unnecessary regulations for business, improving access to markets and giving businesses the tools to do the job.

Source: East Anglian Daily Times

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