Suffolk MP to hold “broadband summit”

Much of the county is still struggling with a slow broadband connection.

A broadband summit is to be held in Suffolk next month in light of the “frustration” and “inconvenience” suffered by those in the county who are still struggling with a slow broadband connection.  

The summit is the brainchild of Central Suffolk and North Ipswich’s own MP Dan Poulter who is of the firm belief that it will be able to “deliver some clear and realistic timescales” on exactly when the county’s newer, faster broadband is able to be rolled out. 

“Although the Better Broadband programme has already made giant inroads towards bringing superfast broadband to the county” he said on Monday “there remains a significant way to go in achieving 100% coverage”. 

The decision to hold the summit in conjunction with the Suffolk chamber of commerce will unite a number of Central Suffolk and North Ipswich’s key businesses, including a number of those from the agriculture and public sector industries. West Suffolk MP Matthew Hancock, the newly appointed Minister for Digital Policy, has also accepted an invitation to the summit ensuring many significant voices will be behind the demand for an improved broadband service.

Dr Poulter has reaffirmed his dedication to the cause not just within his own constituency “but also across the entire county. It can no longer be considered a luxury add on service but a vital infrastructure essential in driving growth and investment into Suffolk’s local economy”.

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Source: East Anglican Daily Times

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