Switzerland beats UK's BT to ultrafast broadband

Switzerland has reportedly become the first country in Europe to roll-out next generation G. fast broadband.

Switzerland has reportedly become the first country in Europe to roll-out next generation G. fast broadband through the traditional copper infrastructure, according to leading telecommunication provider Swisscom.

Around 1,000 users across Switzerland are thought to have access to the ultrafast service which is able to run at a staggering speed of 500Mbps.

BT have been carrying out extensive testing around G. fast broadband and installing the kind of fibre optic cables that are able to facilitate it, but in a short interview with the BBC said they wouldn’t be able to connect any UK homes to the service until November.

An optimistic prediction for the coming year however says that by the end of March 2017, BT will have enabled 140,000 homes and businesses to receive G. fast broadband with a further 10 million by the end of 2020.

This advanced broadband is able to significantly speed up the internet by transmitting data at much higher frequency than that of current broadband. The Swiss have also found another method of increasing internet speeds by bringing the fibre distribution points closer to the home.

A fibre distribution point is the place from which the copper infrastructure, on which the broadband is carried, runs to the home. In the UK, these are mainly seen in the form of a street cabinet.

Andrew Ferguson, of Think Broadband, said “the layout of the existing Swisscom network makes it a little easier to launch…the streets are ideally suited for the deployment of these units. Roll-out should be swift.”

Source: BBC

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