Sky increases customer base by 46,000

Sky has increased its amount of customers by 46,000 in the last quarter, figures released by the provider have shown. 


Sky has increased its amount of customers by 46,000 in the last quarter, figures released by the provider have shown. 

In the first 3 months of the year, 46,000 new broadband customers signed up to Sky - one of the smaller amounts of growth the company has recently seen.

Back in July 2014, the company reported a growth of 50,000 customers, which was one of the last similar amounts. 

As well as an increase in customers, Sky has also reported that its operating profit is up by 15% compared to last quarter. 

Despite this, Sky remains the second most used broadband provider in the UK, with it coming only behind BT in terms of popularity with nearly 6 million customers registered.

An extract from the Sky results claims that the company has focused on introducing customers to new service Sky Q. 

“In the UK and Ireland we had a good quarter of growth, following a strong first half. We focused our marketing on building brand awareness for Sky Q, ahead of the first installations towards the end of the quarter.”

“Revenue was up 6% to £6,161 million (2015: £5,824 million) which, together with our strong focus on operating efficiency, delivered a 15% increase in operating profit to £1,154 million (2015: £1,004 million)."

It is thought that the small amount of growth in the last quarter has been down to customers finding smaller prices for the same speed elsewhere, and that broadband that is fast enough to stream video is a top priority. Once this is fulfilled, it is estimated that people look for lower prices.

Sky has been working with ultrafast provider CityFibre in York in order to trial its own ultrafast broadband services.

So far, this has seen 20,000 properties in the city connected to ultrafast speeds, which Sky hopes will be the start of a wide rollout. 

Last year, Sky was part of the group calling for Openreach to share its network with other providers, which would aid the rollout of faster broadband. Ofcom suggested it should do this, but has not yet fully enforced it.

Source: Think Broadband 

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