TalkTalk passwords could be at risk after hack

Last week's cyber-attack caused more harm than inititally thought

TalkTalk customers are being urged to change the password on their home wi-fi routers as soon as they’re able to, after it was discovered that last week’s big cyber-attack caused more damage than originally suspected.

Ken Munro, a security researcher at UK firm Pen Test Partners, believes that the wi-fi passwords of up to 57,000 TalkTalk customers could’ve been stolen from faulty routers in the attack, which saw hackers use a modified piece of malware known as the mirai worm to prevent any infect computers from accessing the internet.

"The Wi-Fi password protects all of the traffic on your home network," explained Munro. "So if a hacker has got the key, they can get onto your home network and see all of the traffic on there, including social media accounts and other passwords,"

Although a software update was issued for the faulty D-Link DSL-3780 routers, Munro argues that TalkTalk should take the initiative to replace them all.

However, he does acknowledge that this replacement could prove a significant challenge to the telecommunication giant after he estimated that over 10 million customer routers up and down the UK could be vulnerable to a second attack.

“As is widely known, the Mirai worm is an industry issue, affecting many ISPs around the world,” said an unnamed TalkTalk spokesman. “A small number of TalkTalk customers have been affected, but we can reassure customers that no personal information is at risk."

The Mirai worm was also the cause of a major cyber-attack on Germany’s Deutsche Telekom at the very end of November which affected around 900,000 customers.

Source: The Telegraph

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