Train passengers willing to pay more for broadband

UK train users have said that they would be willing to pay more for better broadband services while travelling. 


UK train users have said that they would be willing to pay more for better broadband services while travelling. 

 A survey conducted by the Department for Transport found that regular train passengers would pay on average 17% more for their tickets if they were assured better broadband. 

2000 rail travellers were asked about how much they use broadband when on trains, with 65% saying they regularly go online when travelling. 

79% said that they connected to 3G and 4G services when on trains, with over half saying they found the service to be poor or even unusable.

Both business and leisure users of broadband on trains have said that the service is not reliable enough, whether using mobile broadband or standard connectivity.

The Broadband Stakeholder Group has said that the research carried out could help the government in implementing better broadband on trains.

Last year, the director for network strategy at Three, Phil Sheppard said that mobile networks should work together to make mobile broadband and signal more effective on trains. 

The DfT also noted that work commuters and business travellers were the most likely to use broadband when travelling and that it has become the norm for many passengers. 

"There is a range of evidence demonstrating an increasing use of ICTs in the course of travelling on public transport, especially travelling by rail.”

"Mobile connectivity and the ability to connect by Wi-Fi has become more of an expectation of travel, especially when conducting work on many routes in the UK and internationally."

It added that Wi-Fi connectivity should be a priority for the government in order for passengers to get the most value out of their rail fees. 

Source: Uswitch

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