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UK firm to export education to China

Sep 25th 2007, 00:00

A unique broadband link-up will see British educational establishments supplying Chinese schools with learning aids, it has been announced.

Software firm LP+ has announced plans to build an online learning system which is based in the UK but will be used to teach up to 20 million Chinese school pupils.

The broadband-based teaching materials supplied will be aimed at 20 major Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai. The exporting of the British education system has been welcomed by the government and could see schools in the UK twinned with establishments in China.

Mehool Sanghrajka, chief executive of LP+, said: "As a nation, we recognise the growing importance of the Chinese economy and we need to start working and collaborating with counterparts there. If we can start that collaboration within education, then our pupils will come out fully trained for a global economy."

Other British education organisations have forged links with China, including the University of Nottingham, which has a campus in the city of Ningbo.

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