Virgin Media announces its biggest fibre rollout ever

Virgin Media has announced its biggest rollout ever, which will aim to bring its 200Mbps broadband to more customers. 


Virgin Media has announced its biggest rollout ever, which will aim to bring its 200Mbps broadband to more customers. 

The rollout is part of the provider’s ‘Project Lightning’ scheme, which will see 17 million premises able to have ultra fast broadband by 2019.

Virgin Media is using fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology in order to provide fibre, which brings cables directly to the building that’s being connected.
The company claims that it has already laid enough new cables to stretch “all the way from Land’s End to John O’Groats” but that it aims to lay much more in the future. 

This new announcement means that the provider will become the largest wholly fibre broadband provider in the UK, which the provider claims will lead to the UK becoming a “fibre nation”. 

Tom Mockridge, Chief Executive of Virgin Media, said that Virgin Media was the true innovator of ultra fast broadband in the UK.

“Our £3 billion investment to bring ultrafast connectivity to more parts of the UK is not just about better broadband - it’s about future-proofing the country’s network infrastructure with the best and most modern technology.”

"While some companies talk a good game, Virgin Media is putting its money where its mouth is and laying fibre to the premise alongside our superior HFC network - delivering the fastest widely available broadband speeds."

Virgin Media already offers some of the fastest available speeds in the UK, with up to 200Mbps packages available.

The announcement comes after Virgin Media also announced that it would be bringing out a new set-top box to rival Sky’s new Sky Q service, which blends broadband and TV to offer viewing over multiple TVs.

Source: USwitch

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