Virgin Media experiments with faster upload speeds

Virgin Media has confirmed that it is trialling new upload speeds to be used in the future.


Virgin Media has confirmed that it is trialling new upload speeds to be used in the future.

The broadband provider is using a select number of customers in order to trial new upload speeds which will then become the standard for all customers. 

Using new XG-CABLE technology, Virgin Media could potentially utilise download speeds of up to 10Mbps (gigabits per second), although the figure is unlikely to be raised that high.

Virgin Media’s current upload speed varies on the type of package you get, with customer on the 50Mbps package getting 3Mbps upload speed and those on the high-tier 300Mbps package receiving up to 20Mbps in uploads.

Virgin Media customers have confirmed that the trials have raised their upload speeds by several megabits, with the chance of further upgrades possible if the trial is brought to market.  

A spokesperson for the provider claimed that Virgin Media was dedicated to giving a better experience for those who use their broadband frequently. 

“We’re always exploring and testing new ideas. We’re currently trialling [faster upload speeds] amongst a small group of existing broadband customers that will provide an optimised experience to those who spend a lot of time online. This is just a trial at present, so we’ll keep you posted when there’s more news.”

Boosts in upload speeds are said to be useful for a number of broadband users, including those who frequently post photos on Facebook and Instagram and upload videos to YouTube.

The provider has often tested improvements before implementing them for the rest of its customers, so larger upload speeds are expected to come later this year.

Source: ISPreview

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