Virgin Media names 30 new villages for superfast broadband

Virgin Media has revealed the next 30 villages in the UK that will benefit from its rural broadband rollout.


Virgin Media has revealed the next 30 villages in the UK that will benefit from its rural broadband rollout. 

The £3 billion Project Lightning scheme aims to provide towns and villages outside major cities with broadband of up to 300Mbps.

Project Lightning allowed towns and villages to vote on whether they received superfast broadband, allowing both businesses and standard residents to get connected. 

Villages added to the scheme include Windlesham in Surry, Sutton Courtenay in Oxfordshire and Oakley in Hampshire.

This scheme aims to bring Virgin Media broadband to 17 million properties by 2019, with 500,000 homes and businesses the goal for this year. 

Paul Buttery, COO of Virgin Media, said that the support the provider has had for the scheme was impressive and that it aimed to bring superfast to the areas chosen as quickly as possible. 

“By bringing fibre to the parishes and smaller communities, it shows that ultrafast broadband and top-notch TV isn’t just for big cities.”

“We have been overwhelmed by the response from the local communities and as a result we have decided to speed up our network expansion plans, to connect the next 30 villages by spring 2017. But we won’t stop there – we urge more people to come forward and tell us where we should expand to next.”

A number of other UK providers have moved to rollout fibre broadband, with BT Openreach and CityFibre both aiming to connect millions of properties. 

Fibre-to-the-premises technology is Virgin Media’s preferred method of connection, as it allows cables to be installed directly into a property rather than a box in the area. 

Source: Tech Week Europe

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