Vodafone boosts 3G in rural Wales’ pubs

Pubs in rural parts of Wales have received mobile broadband for the first time thanks to a scheme by Vodafone.

Pubs in rural parts of Wales have received mobile broadband for the first time thanks to a scheme by Vodafone.

The mobile operator has installed signal-boosting units at the Blue Bells and Royal Oak pubs in Halkyn and Rhandirmwyn, allowing customers to access 3G speeds for internet and voice calls.

Vodafone has made the installations as part of its Rural Community Pub program, which aims to provide countryside pubs across the country with stable mobile broadband services.

Using the newly installed 3G, customers will be able to access the internet without Wi-Fi as well as have access to better signal thanks to 3G signal boosting.

The Welsh properties have joined two pubs in Norfolk which have also benefitted from the scheme.

Landlord at the Blue Bell, Steve Marquis, claimed that 3G services helped improve the customer experience by allowing them to access the internet.

“The Blue Bell brings quite a bit of tourism to north east Wales. Vodafone’s brilliant 3G coverage will only increase the quality of a visit to our venue. It is a great way for our customers to share their experiences with us instantly through channels like social media.”

Earlier this year, it was reported that Wales was in danger of being left behind the rest of the UK on mobile broadband, having the worst coverage overall in the country.

MPs were said to be concerned that much of the country did not have 4G, with only highly populated areas being able to access the service.

Whilst Vodafone’s new rollout is not 4G, it’s the first step in getting the country up to scratch when it comes to mobile broadband.

Source: Cable

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