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Vodafone in talks for Openreach investment

Aug 25th 2017, 10:14 by

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Vodafone are reportedly in talks with BT subsidiary Openreach over an investment which could drastically improve the state of ultrafast broadband across Britain.

They would construct a new large-scale fibre optic network in order to replace ageing copper telephone lines which currently service a lot of the country.

According to a trusted industry source who described the talks as “early but serious”, the first stage of the project would see Vodafone start to implement the upgrade in the middle of several major British cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham.

This way, the network will be able to benefit a larger number of homes and businesses at a faster rate than it would if it was set-up in a more rural or isolated area.

“We’re optimistic that this approach will lead to greater openness and collaboration across our industry,” said a spokesperson for Openreach. “Which will in turn achieve better outcomes for connected homes, businesses and people throughout Britain.”

There has yet to be any mention of the cost involved, but it’s been estimated by independent experts that it could potentially run into billions.

Openreach must also take into consideration the restrictions which have been placed on them by the regulatory board Ofcom.

They previously ruled that BT must make its infrastructure equally available to all of the UK's telecommunication companies, but its been reported that Vodafone are requesting a period of exclusivity in order to try and establish themselves as a player in the broadband market.

Source: The Telegraph

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