Vodafone UK to provide 250,000 pupils with free mobile broadband

The initiative will help disadvantaged children keep up with their peers while working at home.

Vodafone UK has announced that it will give free mobile broadband to 250,000 disadvantaged primary and secondary school children.

Named the Vodafone schools.connected programme, the initiative will see those pupils who struggle to carry out school work from home due to a poor broadband connection receive a SIM equipped with 30GB worth of data. 

These will be valid for 90s days and can be slotted into laptops and tablets or put into a smartphone to transform it into a functioning hotspot. 

A survey carried out by The National Foundation for Educational Research in July 2020 found that overall, teachers said they’d managed to cover just 66% of their normal curriculum which puts children three months behind normal. 

Teachers in the UK’s most deprived schools (so those with the largest percentage of children on free school meals) were more than three times as likely (53 %) to say their pupils were at least four months behind compared to those at the wealthiest (15%). 

“We know many hundreds of thousands of children in the UK can’t access education from home because they don’t have the right connectivity - this means children already at a disadvantage could fall further behind,” said Vodafone UK CEO Nick Jeffery.

“We want to help and so have created this emergency support package for 250,000 children and young people. We encourage schools to apply to the Vodafone schools.connected programme as soon as possible."

Source: The Scotsman

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