York broadband rollout continues after Christmas floods

The rollout of superfast fibre broadband has resumed in York, after heavy flooding halted proceedings over Christmas. 


The rollout of superfast fibre broadband has resumed in York, after heavy flooding halted proceedings over Christmas. 

Ultrafast provider Cityfibre has undergone installation of Fibre-to-the-home broadband in the area since last year, but recent heavy rainfall had paused the operation.

Cityfibre workers have now begun where they left off with the project, with the flooding causing surprisingly little damage to the lines already installed. 

Current users of the service also reported minimal damage due to the flooding, with no actual outages confirmed. 

The rollout aims to bring 1Gbps broadband to properties and businesses in the area, representing a significant improvement to the current broadband infrastructure. 

The project is being overseen by Sky and TalkTalk as well as Cityfibre, allowing for a fast moving rollout. 

John Franklin, Engineering Director of the provider, claimed that the way Fibre-to-the-Home worked meant that there was a low risk of water damage.

“By ensuring no active components are located outside the customer premises and our exchanges, the remaining fibre components are unaffected by water ingress and continue to provide critical services when submerged in flood waters.”

"As we continue to roll-out the UK’s alternative national infrastructure, our networks are not only delivering a new generation of internet speeds but also demonstrate their increased resilience when compared with traditional copper networks.”

Other providers have not been so lucky, however, with BT Openreach experiencing huge power failures in its local phone and broadband lines. 

Source: USwitch

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