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Bigblu broadband deals

  • 100% UK coverage
  • No upfront equipment costs
  • Unlimited data on all satellite broadband and fixed wireless packages

Big Blu provides high-quality broadband to those hard-to-reach rural locations across the UK. They offer next-generation satellite and fixed wireless packages, both of which come with an unlimited data allowance, or 4G broadband delivered over Vodafone’s award-winning network.

Bigblu Broadband | Our Review

Alternative provider Bigblu’s selection of great-value broadband packages mean that accessing the internet out in the UK’s many rural areas is no longer a challenge. Their 4G service boasts 99% coverage while satellite or fixed wireless broadband can reach absolutely anywhere in the UK 

Nationwide coverage with satellite broadband

Satellite broadband is the perfect option for those in rural communities because it doesn’t require any cable to provide an internet connection. This technology has significantly improved to the point where it can provide superfast speeds for smooth streaming and easily support multiple devices. 

Their three satellite broadband packages offer a great range of speeds and all come with totally unlimited data. Customers can choose between the 12Mbps Konnect Bronze Unlimited, 21Mbps Konnect Silver Unlimited or 36Mbps Konnect Gold Unlimited depending on their browsing habits. 

Reliable fixed wireless and 4G broadband 

Bigblu customers can also choose from two fixed wireless broadband packages, bigblu FW 30 at 22Mbps or bigblu FW 50 at 37Mbps, both of which include a free wireless router. They too offer unlimited data so you’re free to stream in HD and download as much as you like. 

The Starter, Mid-Range and Family Plan 4G packages all use Vodafone’s award-winning smartphone network to seamlessly deliver a 21Mbps service to 99% of the UK. Where they differ is their data allowance, which totals 10GB, 100GB and 200GB respectively. 

Unrivalled experience with this technology 

Big Blu have plenty of experience when it comes to seamlessly providing this type of accessible broadband. For over ten years, they’ve been a major force in bringing satellite to remote locations all across Europe so you can be sure you’ll receive an incredibly efficient service.  

Their reliable network of local engineers that will get your equipment, which you’ll never be charged any upfront costs for, up and running in no time. If you’ve ever got a query, their UK-based customer service line is available seven days a week staffed by friendly representatives who are always happy to help.

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