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EE Mobile Broadband

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Reliable and fast mobile broadband

  • Fast and Reliable 4G mobile broadband
  • Quality online browsing experience
  • Connect up to 10 devices

About EE Mobile Broadband

EE is a leading 4G provider, delivering fast download speeds on the go. EE has a wide range of mobile broadband packages available at competitive prices.

EE Mobile Broadband Broadband Packages

Provider   Package  
  • Includes broadband
  • Does not include phone
  • Does not include TV

4GEE Max WiFi 30 Day Contract

Speed up to: 90Mbps
Contract length: 1 months
Upfront cost: £79.99
Supports Up To 10 Devices
£30.00per month a month
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Order online or call 0800 840 5349
  • Includes broadband
  • Does not include phone
  • Does not include TV

4GEE Max WiFi

Speed up to: 90Mbps
Contract length: 24 months
Upfront cost: Free
Supports Up To 10 Devices
£29.00per month for 24 months
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Order online or call 0800 840 5349

*Percentage saved calculated during offer period only
**Price will increase on 1 April 2018

Our EE Mobile Broadband Review

About EE

EE is one of the UK’s leading mobile broadband providers, offering fast mobile speeds with its revolutionary Mi-Fi devices.


EE 4G customers can receive an WiFi device, allowing you to provide up to 10 devices with mobile broadband. Some packages also offer a car adapter dongle, meaning you can take broadband with you while you drive.

Customer Service

EE employs 11,000 customer service agents that are always ready to deal with any problems you might have. Subscribers can usually get through to a customer service agent instantly and the provider also offers Facebook and Twitter accounts that are also easier to help.

Line Rental

Because EE is a mobile broadband service, there is no line rental fee to pay, meaning that your subscription fee is all that’s needed.

Package Features

Customers can enjoy EE 4G without paying any upfront costs if they’re on a contract. Those looking for broadband when travelling can also choose to take a Car Wi-Fi adaptor as part of their bundle.


EE 4G is available to everyone, but can sometimes be affected by the strength of 4G connections, meaning that rural or remote areas might have trouble getting a good signal.


What is 4GEE WiFi?

4GEE devices work as personal Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing you to connect various devices to them just like a standard wireless router. Wireless dongles are portable enough to be taken anywhere, providing a pocket-sized broadband connection.


How fast is EE 4G?

EE 4G Extra runs at 90Mb - a faster speed than some home broadband connections. This comes with a download cap ranging from 2Gb to 32Gb.


What devices can I connect?

Anything that supports a wireless connection, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.


How much is it?

EE 4G costs between £10 and £30 per month, with the cost of the wireless device covered in the subscription if you choose a two year plan.


  • Fast 4G
  • One month contracts available
  • Low cost
  • High download caps


  • Needs strong 4G
  • Up front cost if you pay-as-you-go
  • Limited discounts
  • Dongle only reaches 3G
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EE Mobile Broadband User Reviews

Good connection

Great service from EE. I got a 3G dongle and its picked up a signal in most places. Although you can't get unlimited data on a dongle, I did find that I barely exceeded my allowance each month.

Kept me online when I was waiting for my home broadband

I recently moved house and needed to get online quickly, while my home broadband order was processing, so I got a contract with EE. It was simple to get started and was able to get a one-month contract. EE is definitely worth going with if you need mobile broadband.

Best mobile broadband deal I've had

When I got a dongle with another provider, I struggled to find any signal in my area. I decided to go with EE and found them to be a huge improvement. I'm getting just enough connection to send e-mails and browse social media.

Good alternative to fixed-line broadband

I don't use broadband often so didn't feel I needed an expensive package. EE offers a great range of data on one compact dongle that lets me go online when I need it. So long as you can get a 3G signal, I would recommend EE Mobile Broadband.

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