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EE Mobile Broadband Deals

  • Fast, reliable 4G mobile broadband
  • Massive monthly data allowance
  • Connect multiple devices
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Find the best mobile broadband deals from EE

EE is a leading network and provider of 4G services, delivering fast download speeds on the go via its mobile broadband devices. EE has a wide range of mobile broadband packages and products available at competitive prices.

EE Mobile Broadband | Our Review

Experience truly fantastic speeds and an incredibly smooth, reliable connection anywhere and at anytime with the UK’s largest and fastest 4G mobile broadband network which impressively covers over 85% of the country.

Find the perfect data allowance for your online usage 

EE offers an excellent variety of mobile broadband tariffs under their 4GEE Essentials and 4GEE Max headings, from a sizeable 50GB which allows you to enjoy lengthy streaming and gaming sessions all the way down to 2GB for browsing social media and responding to emails on-the-go. 

All of these can be easily combined with any of EE’s four next-generation MiFi routers and dongles on either a pay-monthly or two-year contract. 

Achieve superfast speeds with portable, effective hardware

The nicely portable 4GEE and 4GEE Mini are both capable of reaching superfast speeds of up to 90Mbps, supporting ten devices and have a great long-lasting battery life.

EE’s Car WiFi dongle offers many of the same benefits to keep everyone entertained on long journeys and plugs directly into your car’s dashboard meaning it never has to be charged up.

Use up to 32 devices with the 4GEE home router

Although it does need mains power to work, EE’s plug-in-and-play 4GEE home router is a brilliant alternative for anyone who finds themselves moving around a lot. 

It too boasts slick speeds of up to 90Mbps, can connect up to 32 devices to the internet and comes with an external antenna so you can give your signal a powerful boost if necessary.

Discover great deals on smartphones, TV and home call packages

Along with smartphones and mobile broadband, you can also find a wide array of superb deals and offers on home broadband, TV and home call packages like Anytime UK and International. 

EE’s home broadband packages range from wonderfully affordable ADSL to lightning-fast fibre and their on-demand TV service features 70 channels, access to catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and allows you to record your favourite shows.

EE Mobile Broadband highlights

  • Easy-to-use devices offer superb speeds of up to 90Mbps
  • The UK’s fastest and largest 4G mobile broadband network 
  • Connect up to 32 devices to their 4GEE home router
  • Over 85% UK coverage means customers will receive speedy services all over the UK
  • EE’s fantastic range of data allowances mean it’s easy to find one which suits you

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