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  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • EE Smart Hub for fast Wi-Fi
  • Average 67Mbps with Fibre Max

Superfast fibre broadband from EE

EE Fibre brings you superfast broadband and unlimited monthly data for a low monthly cost, with competitive line rental and online offers giving you even more value for money.

EE Fibre Broadband

EE offers fast, unlimited fibre broadband, and there are different products available so you can easily find something that suits your budget and requirements.

Superfast fibre from EE

Fibre-optic broadband delivers faster downloading, smoother streaming and a better overall web browsing experience.  The technology used is far more efficient and effective at sending data between sources, making it the best way to enjoy using the web.

You can download a song in a second, seamlessly watch movies online and get a much more consistent performance from the service.

Download speeds

EE Fibre offers 36Mbps and 67Mbps download speeds on average, giving you the option to choose whichever one best suits your web browsing habits.  The 36Mbps product is still superfast, providing impressively quick downloads and slick streaming, whilst 67Mbps is for customers who want the fastest on offer from EE.

You’ll really notice the difference when you want to download or stream in high definition, and as you’re using the fibre network, you’ll enjoy quicker speeds throughout the day.

Unlimited downloads each month

Every EE Fibre deal offers unlimited data, so there is no cap on your monthly usage.  Any time you download, stream or even load a news story, you are using up data, but with EE you don’t have to worry about breaching a pre-agreed limit every month.

Exclusive, online offers from EE

New customers can often find exclusive online offers, discounts or incentives promoted by EE, making the deals even better value.  These deals can change over time, but they will always be advertised online so you don’t miss them, and as a new customer you can simply follow the link to get set up with the latest offer.

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