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Plusnet Business promotion
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Plusnet Business Broadband Deals

  • Value for money business broadband deals
  • Up to 76Mbps with fibre subscriptions
  • Fixed price contracts
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Plusnet is a well-established, low-cost broadband provider, with years of experience and a deserved reputation for quality service. Plusnet boasts a strong client base, with business broadband subscriptions tailored to SME customers, as well as home workers.

Plusnet Business | Our Review

Ensure your operation has the kind of quick and reliable broadband it needs to stay prosperous and way ahead of the competition with Plusnet Business broadband. 

They offer a range of great-value ADSL and fibre subscriptions to suit your individual needs and the kind of excellent low-cost call products which allow you to stay in-touch with your clients every step of the way. Plusnet also offers fixed price contracts, giving its customers a guarantee that the cost of broadband and line rental will not change during the agreed contract minimum term.

Superfast business fibre up to 76Mbps

Plusnet’s two 'up to 18Mbps' ADSL business subscriptions, with upload speeds of 2Mbps and either a 25GB or unlimited usage policy, are a brilliantly cost-effective way for brand-new start-ups or smaller enterprises to access the kind of robust, reliable broadband they need in order to successfully thrive.

Similarly, much larger operations will find all of their needs comfortably met by either one of Plusnet’s super-speedy 76Mb fibre subscriptions which, thanks to upload speeds of 19Mb and either a 50GB or totally unlimited usage policy, can easily support a much higher volume of activity.

Ability to fix problems and carry out repairs quickly and efficiently 

As a subsidiary of BT, Plusnet have a lot more direct control over the hugely adaptable Openreach network than your standard ISP.

This means engineers are able to respond to any problems which might occur much quicker and can perform any necessary maintenance out-of-hours so you’re very unlikely to really feel its effect.

Plusnet also works to automatically prioritize high-bandwidth activities at busy times as well swiftly widen out Openreach beyond its already substantial capacity if it starts to experience unusually high traffic demand, allowing you to continue as normal.

Free tools to safeguard your businesses 

Every Plusnet business broadband subscription comes with a handful of incredibly usefully free extras like award-winning 24/7 UK based customer support, online content control SafeGuard, unlimited overnight use, a static IP address, a .co.uk domain, 250MB of webspace and unlimited email addresses.

Plusnet Business broadband highlights

  • Top-tier Business Fibre subscription features impressive speeds of 76Mb
  • Great-value 18Mb ADSL is perfect for smaller businesses
  • Free pay-as-you-go call subscription available with every product
  • Fixed price contracts
  • 24/7 UK based customer support 
  • A static IP address, unlimited email addresses and a .co.uk domain included for free

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