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POP Telecom

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Get Unlimited Broadband

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Up to 38 Mbps with Superfast fibre
  • Free wireless router & set up

About POP Telecom

POP Telecom offers both ADSL and superfast fibre broadband combined with a variety of home phone services. Customers will be able to take free standard broadband with a home phone subscription or superfast fibre for up to 38Mbps.

POP Telecom Broadband Packages

Provider   Package  
  • Includes broadband
  • Includes phone
  • Does not include TV

Unlimited Broadband + Anytime Calls

Speed up to: 17Mbps
Contract length: 18 months
Upfront cost: £29.90
UK Customer Service!
£26.99per month for 18 months
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Our POP Telecom Review

About POP Telecom

POP Telecom is one of the fastest growing broadband providers in the UK, offering simple to understand broadband and phone services. POP Telecom prides itself on its simple and clear broadband packages, allowing customers to benefit from landline, broadband and mobile deals. Customers can also get free ADSL broadband from POP if they subscribe to a landline deal. 



Subscribing to POP Telecom broadband entitles you to a free wireless router for both standard and fibre broadband. Using this, you’ll be able to connect all the devices in your house online wirelessly, including tablets, laptops and games consoles.


Customer Service

POP Telecom’s customer service is UK based and is available from 9am to 6pm. POP ensures customers can always reach them via phone, but you’ll also be able to use email and live web chat to communicate if you have any queries.


Switching to POP Telecom

If you’re with any provider other than Virgin Media, you’ll be able to switch to POP just as easily as any other. However, if you’re with Virgin Media or are signing up to fibre broadband from POP, an engineer will have to come round to install your new line.


Line Rental

Line rental is included in the package price, as per ASA regulations.



POP Telecom’s network covers 94% of the UK, meaning you’re almost certain to get a decent connection wherever you live. Customers will enjoy 30,000 cabinets that are compatible with superfast broadband as well as over 2,600 unbundled broadband exchanges, ensuring a reliable and fast network. 



Is POP Telecom expensive?

POP Telecom is one of the cheapest providers if you know you need landline as well. Users can get standard broadband bundled in free when they take landline services from POP.

Can I get fibre-optic?

POP Telecom offers superfast fibre-optic services which give customers up to 38Mbps of download speed.

Is landline phone available?

All POP Telecom broadband packages come bundled with landline phone services, with some offering big discounts on broadband.

Will I have to pay line rental?

Line rental is included in the package price, as per ASA regulations.


  • Fast fibre broadband available
  • Unlimited downloads for ADSL
  • Get mobile minutes included


  • Download limit for fibre
  • Limited amount of packages
  • Unpredictable speed for ADSL
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