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Compare satellite broadband

Satellite broadband is a specific type of broadband that offers a connection based on a satellite dish rather than a cable. Whilst this has previously been a very limited service with decreased speeds, it’s now coming into its own with speeds that rival those from fibre broadband packages.

Satellite broadband is ideal for customers who live in rural or remote areas that don’t necessarily have access to the fastest fibre broadband or even ADSL connections. Newer satellite broadband packages are now featuring speeds of up to 50Mbps, allowing you to get fibre speeds even if you can’t get fibre itself. 

Other than the delivery method, satellite broadband is essentially similar to standard broadband in the way it works. You’ll still use a wireless router to distribute Wi-Fi around your home, and you’ll still have different tiers of speeds and download limits. A number of different providers now offer unlimited downloads with satellite broadband, closing the gap even more.

One of the drawbacks of satellite broadband is that it can be affected by adverse weather conditions, such as strong wind and rain. Whilst this is also true of standard broadband, it’s much more likely with the satellite connected to the outside of your home. 

Latency can also be more of an issue with satellite broadband, with high-bandwidth streaming being more of an ask. This is, however,  decreasing as speeds for satellite broadband are getting faster and faster. 

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