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About Broadband Finder

Broadband Finder gives you all the tools you need to find a great deal on your broadband. Broadband Finder lists the latest offers for home broadband, mobile broadband and business broadband from the UK's top providers, and ensure that information is regularly updated for accuracy.

The very best current offers are usually displayed on our home page, and we also provide details of great value broadband bundles, giving you internet access with phone services and TV, all in one convenient, cost-effective package.

You can compare different bundle deals, as well as popular broadband types, and we make it easy to browse through the best offers available in your local area. Broadband Finder provides a range of useful tools and resources for our users, giving you a more comprehensive service. If you want to find out the top broadband connection speed you are likely to achieve in your area, you can use our online broadband speed test.

Our broadband information section guides you through the comparison and buying process so that you can choose a broadband package which best suits your requirements. You can find out more about the different types of broadband on offer, switching broadband providers, securing your broadband connection, setting up a home network and other popular and useful topics.

You can also keep updated on new package deals and in-depth consumer information with our daily broadband news section. Broadband Finder is the complete resource for broadband comparison, information and industry news. 

With Broadband Finder you are a just a few clicks away from setting up the best broadband deal for you.

Broadband Information

Broadband Buyer's Guide

This is our almighty broadband buyer's guide, which guides you through buying broadband. Obviously.

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Broadband and Phone Packages

Find out more about the advantages of choosing a broadband and phone bundle deal.

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What is broadband?

We nonchalantly answer a question that has baffled man since the dawn of time...

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Switching Provider

If you aren’t happy with your current broadband service, you can always consider switching broadband provider. There are many reasons why people stick with the same provider, but checking out different deals could save you money, and give you the service that you really want. If you are thinking about switching broadband provider, our broadband switch experts have put together a few tips, tricks and ideas to help you.

Before switching broadband provider you must get your MAC or Migration Authorisation Code from your original provider; this is an alphanumeric number which your new broadband supplier will need in order to instigate your switch. All you have to do is phone your old provider and ask for the code; they are obliged to give it to you and you should receive it within 5 days, with its validity lasting for 30 days.

Most broadband providers have a sales retention team, so when you contact to cancel your existing service in order to switch, they will look to keep you on-board as a customer with some kind of special deal or incentive. Just think about which offer represents the best value for your personal requirements and habits, and if a new deal from a different provider is right for you then stick with your decision to switch.

It is also important that you do not cancel your current contract with immediate effect after you receive the MAC; there’s a chance the switch could take over a week, and you probably do not want to be without broadband for any length of time. Once you have the MAC you can move forward with your new broadband deal, and start enjoying a service that suits you.

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