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Direct Save Telecom

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Low-cost broadband from Direct Save Telecom

  • A range of packages available
  • Up to 24Mbps download speed
  • Free wireless router included
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About Direct Save Telecom

Direct Save Telecom is a UK-based broadband and phone provider, offering a dependable and reliable service with low commitment deals. There are a great range of cheap packages available, with a choice of data caps and quick web speeds.

Direct Save Telecom Broadband Packages

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Our Direct Save Telecom Review

Direct Save Telecom offers a low-cost alternative to the leading broadband providers, and you can also make great savings on your line rental too. In direct comparison against rivals, Direct Save Telecom looks very good, and the range of packages gives you a good chance of finding the right deal.

There are different data caps available, making it easier choose something that will suit your internet browsing and downloading habits. Whilst you can’t get the same speeds as you would with fibre, the maximum download speed available is consistent with others utilising the older way to connect.

Direct Save is one of the few providers to offer a low-commitment deal, so you are on a one month rolling contract and can give your notice to leave at any time. This gives you more breathing space and you don’t have to feel tied to one broadband operator for the long-term.

Visit to find out more about Direct Save Telecom.

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Direct Save Telecom User Reviews

Enjoying my broadband

Getting a really good deal and good broadband speeds from Direct Save Telecom. When my router failed, I was given a replacement quickly and had a lovely person on the phone informing me on what I should do. Instead of going to some of the big broadband providers, I would recommend using this service.

Issues were sorted quickly

I wasn't a very happy customer when I first joined Direct Save Telecom, but then I changed my mind because they sorted out my issues quickly and professionally. My router wasn't working properly and they came to my rescue promptly. Now I have no problems with their broadband service.

Happy with Direct Save Telecom

Very happy with Direct Save Telecom, who seem to know their stuff when it comes to broadband. There were no unexpected costs on my first bill and the installation was straight forward. I would recommend this provider if you don't want your broadband cutting out all the time.

Good packages to choose from

If you don't want long-winded contracts, Direct Save Telecom is the ideal provider to go for. I've been with them for a while now and have had no issues with my connection. Customers services over the phone were helpful and didn't seem to hesitate to get the answers to my questions. They also didn't leave me on hold for long!

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