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Company hits out at lack of fast broadband

Fri, Apr 24th 2015, 15:46 by

A UK company which has been branded as one of the “1000 companies to inspire Britain” by the Stock Exchange has hit out at the government's lack of broadband support for businesses.

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Top 30 constituencies for broadband revealed

Thu, Apr 23rd 2015, 14:44 by

A new study has revealed the best constituencies for broadband speeds - with the majority of the top 30 being Labour controlled.

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£10,000 needed for superfast broadband in Stroud

Thu, Apr 23rd 2015, 08:44 by

Residents in the Stroud area may have to raise up to £10,000 if BT Openreach cannot connect them to superfast broadband.

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BT plans to trial 500Mb broadband in Swansea

Wed, Apr 22nd 2015, 14:52 by

BT has said it will test a new broadband speed of 500Mb in Swansea this summer.

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Tesco broadband suffers outages nationwide

Wed, Apr 22nd 2015, 08:42 by

Tesco broadband customers have taken to Twitter as network outages have affected thousands of homes.

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145,000 homes in Scotland to receive superfast broadband

Tue, Apr 21st 2015, 08:57 by

145,000 Scottish homes are set to get superfast broadband by the end of the year as a part of the Digital Scotland rollout.

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Satellite broadband installation charges dropped for farmers

Mon, Apr 20th 2015, 08:43 by

Farmers who sign up to satellite broadband with Avonline are set to receive free installation for the first time.

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Vodafone opens registration for new broadband service

Fri, Apr 17th 2015, 08:55 by

Registrations have opened for Vodafone’s upcoming broadband service, which is thought to launch later this year.

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Virgin said to be testing 200Mb broadband

Thu, Apr 16th 2015, 09:07 by

Virgin Media have been found to be testing broadband speeds of up to 200Mbps, with a rollout of new packages potentially coming to customers.

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Plusnet offers unlimited broadband free for 12 months

Wed, Apr 15th 2015, 10:21 by

Plusnet is now offering unlimited broadband for 12 months if you sign up as a new subscriber.

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London borough council unwilling to pay for fibre-optic

Wed, Apr 15th 2015, 08:53 by

The London Borough of Bromley is set to miss out on fibre-optic broadband after its council ruled that they could not match the government's funding scheme.  

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Get Sky Fibre half price for 6 months

Mon, Apr 13th 2015, 10:06 by

Sky Fibre, Sky’s high-speed, fibre-optic broadband service, is now half price for 6 months when you become a new subscriber.

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Labour outlines broadband plans in manifesto

Mon, Apr 13th 2015, 08:45 by

Labour has pledged better broadband and improved support in its new manifesto in the run up to the upcoming general election.

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BT claims more cash is needed for rural broadband

Fri, Apr 10th 2015, 09:54 by

Telecoms provider BT has called on the government to provide more cash in order to improve broadband in rural areas of the UK.

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4G mobile broadband outperforming 3G, says Ofcom

Thu, Apr 9th 2015, 09:20 by

4G mobile broadband has been found to vastly outperform 3G connections, a study by Ofcom has shown.

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Fibre-optic firm aims to improve Liverpool’s broadband

Wed, Apr 8th 2015, 08:42 by

Hyperoptic, a London-based firm, is aiming to improve the broadband speeds of businesses and offices in and around Liverpool.

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Free BT Wi-Fi heading to Nottingham city centre

Tue, Apr 7th 2015, 09:03 by

Nottingham city centre is set to receive free wireless broadband, with 41 hotspots due to go live over the course of the year.

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ASA bans Sky broadband ad

Thu, Apr 2nd 2015, 09:25 by

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a Sky Broadband advert after Virgin Media made a complaint.

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Virgin Media users experience broadband outage

Wed, Apr 1st 2015, 14:03 by

Virgin Media customers last night experienced outages in various parts of the UK.

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Local election candidates grilled over rural broadband

Wed, Apr 1st 2015, 09:22 by

Local campaigners for better broadband in the Shropshire and Mid Wales areas have written to parliamentary candidates in an attempt to highlight the importance of high-speed internet.

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