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Small businesses will need less broadband in future, says BSG

Fri, Sep 4th 2015, 10:57 by

The Broadband Stakeholders Group has claimed that future small businesses in the UK will only require an average broadband speed of 8.1Mb.


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80% of Welsh residents have access to fibre thanks to rollout

Thu, Sep 3rd 2015, 10:37 by

The rollout of superfast broadband in Wales has now reached over 80%, a report has confirmed. 


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Poor quality routers put off new customers, says survey

Wed, Sep 2nd 2015, 09:05 by

A new survey has found that modern broadband customers are less likely to purchase a broadband package if it features a low quality router.


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UK house buyers would pay more for superfast broadband

Tue, Sep 1st 2015, 16:22 by

UK residents would be willing to pay more when buying a house if they were guaranteed 100Mb superfast broadband, a new survey has shown.


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BT offers £5 unlimited broadband with gift card

Tue, Aug 25th 2015, 11:38 by

BT is currently offering cheap unlimited broadband, exclusively to online customers.


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Britons wasting millions on usage charges

Thu, Aug 20th 2015, 11:42 by

British broadband customers are spending millions on usage charges set up by providers, TalkTalk claims.


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TalkTalk offers unlimited broadband free for 18 months

Mon, Aug 17th 2015, 11:29 by

TalkTalk is currently offering its Simply Broadband package free for the entire 18 month contract.

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Get Sky broadband free for 12 months and receive £100 of M&S vouchers

Fri, Aug 14th 2015, 14:07 by

Sky is offering a new broadband package which allows customers to get £100 worth of Marks & Spencer vouchers bundled in


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TalkTalk flash sale.jpg

TalkTalk Unlimited Fibre - flash sale ending soon

Thu, Aug 6th 2015, 16:04 by

TalkTalk is offering 50% off unlimited Fibre Broadband for 18 months as part of a flash sale which ends on 13th August.

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Three’s mobile broadband speeds reach 17.8Mb average

Thu, Aug 6th 2015, 15:48 by

Mobile broadband provider Three has said that the average speed of its 4G broadband has risen to 17.8Mb.

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Upgrade to Sky Sports and get 12 months half-price Sky Multiscreen with £30 credit

Tue, Aug 4th 2015, 13:38 by

Sky is offering 12 months half-price Sky Multiscreen with a Sky Sports upgrade, so existing customers can enjoy groundbreaking sports coverage and have Sky TV in two rooms.

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BT fibre broadband accessible to 80% of the UK

Mon, Aug 3rd 2015, 08:45 by

BT has claimed that it’s fibre service is now available to 80% of the UK.

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Free £125 Sainsbury’s vouchers with BT bundles

Wed, Jul 29th 2015, 13:18 by

BT is currently offering gift vouchers for new broadband and TV customers that sign up online.

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Broadband customers using mobile as substitute

Mon, Jul 27th 2015, 09:24 by

A study has found that more and more broadband customers are using mobile data as an alternative to slow Wi-Fi speeds.

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talktalk news story 2.jpg

Get TalkTalk Plus TV half price for 18 months, with Netflix & £50 Love2shop voucher

Tue, Jul 21st 2015, 14:40 by

TalkTalk is offering an online exclusive deal which means new customers can get the Plus TV package, with broadband, calls and a mobile SIM, with 50% off for 18 months.

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Sky offers discounts on Sky Sports upgrade and Sky TV

Fri, Jul 17th 2015, 13:13 by

Sky is currently offering a Sky Sports upgrade at a discounted monthly rate for a limited time only.

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Sky security program in 70% of subscribers' homes

Wed, Jul 15th 2015, 10:17 by

Sky Broadband Shield, Sky’s own-brand internet security system, is now active in over 70% of Sky customers’ homes, feedback has found.

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Government wants “world-class” broadband in UK

Tue, Jul 14th 2015, 09:53 by

The government has outlined its aims for Britain’s broadband infrastructure, claiming that it wants to bring “world-class” connections to the country in the years to come.

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Anti-broadband landowners to be “named and shamed”

Mon, Jul 13th 2015, 08:55 by

Landowners in Wales who have prevented the government from installing superfast broadband are set to be “named and shamed”, a top Welsh minister has revealed.


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BT could use drones to repair lines in future

Thu, Jul 9th 2015, 09:25 by

BT has said that it is working on plans to utilise drone technology to help remotely fix broadband and phone lines in the future.


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