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Welcome to Broadband Finder, where you can quickly access all of the latest information from the ever changing broadband market. We have put together a website that we hope will help you find the right broadband provider and the right deal for you.

Broadband Guides

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, why not go to our Broadband Buying Guide? This explains the terminology, technical points and buying process in easy to understand sections. After you have read this you may wish to take a look at our broadband security page, following the advice in this guide will help you stay safe online.

Compare Broadband Providers

To compare the broadband deals available at the moment would usually require a great deal of searching and sometimes, the information you need may not be easily available on the broadband provider's own website. We have compiled detailed information on most of the major UK broadband providers and formatted it as easy to use broadband comparison tables. All you have to do is put in your postcode and then select the level of service you require and our database will do the rest!

New Broadband Tools

As we are constantly striving to improve our website functionality we have recently added a broadband finder service. If you are not sure which broadband package you will need you can answer some simple questions on our broadband finder and we will bring up the broadband package(s) that meet your requirements.

Advertising & Website Revenue

As well as having informative information and tools, our website also allows our users to find broadband providers via advertising links. We earn commissions on any sales made via our website links and these commission payments help us increase the functionality of the website and keep all of the information up to date. Hopefully you have found our website useful, so please help our website by clicking through one of the links on our website and signing up online when you decide which broadband package is the right one for you.

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