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BT Broadband Deals

  • Strong, reliable speeds with BT Superfast Fibre
  • Completely unlimited downloads every month
  • Line rental included in the cost of your package

Get the best deals on BT Broadband & BT Superfast Fibre

BT broadband is one of the leading choices for UK customers, with a great range of competitively priced packages and good value in each deal. Choose BT Superfast Fibre for BT's high speed home service and check out the exclusive special offers and discounts online.

BT Broadband | Our Review 

One of the UK’s leading providers of broadband, BT offers a wide selection of both fibre-optic and ADSL packages on their incredibly efficient and far-reaching Openreach network. Great deals on BT TV and phone services are also available so customers will be able to snap up these important services for a brilliantly affordable price. 

Unlimited monthly usage

The Unlimited Broadband package is BT’s affordable entry-level ADSL option which features unlimited usage and an average speed of 10Mbps. While it’s not capable of handling lots of bandwidth heavy activities like simultaneous high-speed downloads, it’s absolutely ideal for lighter internet users looking to send emails, shop online and use social media. 

If it’s powerful fibre you’re after, BT offers a couple of different options. Their impressive top-tier package offers an average of 67Mbps and also comes with unlimited usage and can easily support glossy HD streaming and online gaming on a whole multitude of different devices. 

BT’s two lower-tier fibre packages can both achieve average speeds of 50Mbps but, as the name implies, Unlimited Infinity comes with completely unlimited usage while you’re limited to a monthly allowance of 30GB with Infinity 1. 

All of BT’s four broadband packages are available on either a 12- or 18-month contract.

Excellent UK-wide fibre coverage with Openreach

A BT subsidiary which owns and operates the largest fibre network in the UK, Openreach currently provides incredibly efficient and reliable broadband to more than 27.1 million homes and businesses across the country. 

Its impressive size means a staggering 80% of UK premises are now able to receive BT’s blazingly fast fibre broadband packages, a number which is only set to increase thanks to a continuing number of multi-million-pound investments in the service.

Get BT TV and calls 

BT’s ADSL customers will receive a free BT Home Hub 4 with their packages while fibre customers will receive a free BT Smart Hub. All of their broadband packages come with free access to 6 million UK wi-fi hotspots, Unlimited Weekend calls and can be bundled in with a number of other great TV and phone options.

The Unlimited Weekend and Evening or Unlimited Anytime packages are a must for anyone who would like more flexibility with their calls while BT’s three different tiers of TV packages each offer an excellent variety of channels, a free YouView box and access to their fantastic collection of premium sports content.

BT broadband highlights

  • Average speeds of up to 67Mbps with BT’s Superfast Fibre Unlimited 2 package
  • The incredibly reliable Openreach network means BT’s broadband is widely available across the UK
  • Unlimited broadband usage every month
  • Free Unlimited Weekend calls included with all broadband packages
  • Huge range of exclusive sport with BT Sport

Claiming a Reward

If you were entitled to a BT reward card or voucher at the time of purchasing your package you can claim it here.

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